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An American ex-pat’s commentary on life all’italiana

My blog contains the observations of a retired physician immersed in the Italian culture for more than twenty years.  Some comments are philosophical and some curmudgeonly, but all faithfully represent my interpretation of daily life in and around Bologna, Italy.   While writing in English I will include a translation into Italian, where necessary, for those who might prefer one.

A Walk Through Bologna’s Cemetery

A walk through Bologna’s famous cemetery on a pleasant afternoon can be a restorative and educational experience. Even Charles Dickens is known to have made a similar observation during a visit to the city.

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Using The Post Office – For Dummies

Today I needed to mail an oversized letter to the U.S. The few remaining postal boxes on the streets of Bologna are precious.  They will only accept letters of standard size - a manila envelope, for example, will not fit in the opening.  Conclusion: one must go to a...

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